I just needed to get this out of my system, so here's a rant.

Brunch is confusing. Is it used to describe a meal between breakfast and lunch? Or did I just have brunch if I ate breakfast food for lunch, or vice versa? If I eat brunch at 11 and skip lunch, then do I have to follow it up by eating linner to sustain myself? Also why am I only guaranteed brunch on the weekends? I mean I get that everyone likes to wake up late on the weekends but, I for one, want breakfast for lunch every single day.

Someone please explain.

Sha's outfit:

Spri's outfit:

I never got to wear this top by itself. When I first saw it, I pictured myself in a scene from a free people video, unfortunately my life rarely resembles one of those. But after being determined to wear this top within the week or toss it, I realized that there was a solution: overalls

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