Mayakoba/Tulum Diaries

Octopus Mural by the poolside at the Andaz Mayakoba.

Tradional yet modern rooms at the Andaz Mayakoba.


Morning breakfast was such a delight at the restaurants.

The boat at the Andaz Mayakoba takes you to the beach since the property is very big. You can also schedule an Eco cruise for an hour around the lagoon at Mayakoba.

Mayan ruins in Tulum. We stopped here for an hour before we headed to the beach.

White sand beaches in Tulum.

We shopped for traditional goodies in Tulum market and had some fresh juices including sugarcane juice and few tequila drinks.

Nature trailing all around Mayakoba. We stopped at some beaches including the beach at the Banyan below.

Our dinner at Andaz. The latin cuisine was spectacular.

Spa day at the beautiful Andaz.

For my husband’s 40th birthday, I originally planned on taking him to Scotland for a trip full of scotch tastings. After much research, it appeared that a proper Scotland trip would take 9-10 nights. This was too much time for Jared to stay away from New York City due to his work. He is a Real Estate Broker and Sundays are the most important day for him. So, we changed gears and instead planned on a 5 night trip to Mayakoba and Tulum, Mexico allowing him to get away without being away during a Sunday.  In the end we traded Scotch for Tequila and Mezcal!

We chose to stay at the wonderful Andaz Mayakoba, which we have been excited to stay at ever since we attended the Andaz 5th Avenue event in New York City that celebrated its opening.  We have been very impressed with the Andaz brand in the past. We are a little picky with our hotels and notice everything that a hotel does right and everything that does not go so well. Andaz has been perfect for us so far! This is saying A LOT! The Andaz Mayakoba went beyond our every expectation! The food really, really good and the drinks were AMAZING! If you go, you must try a spicy Mezcal Margarita!

Mayakoba is a resort community consisting of the Andaz, Rosewood, Banyan Tree, and the Fairmont. We also toured these other properties as the hotels offer shuttle services via van or via boat in between the properties. After viewing the others, we knew we made the right decision with the Andaz! We were disappointed with the food and drinks at Rosewood and Banyan Tree (we didn’t eat at the Fairmont so we can’t comment on it). I must saw that the Banyan Tree and Rosewood were very pretty properties. There are many activities that you can participate in during your stay in Mayakoba (these are shared amongst the Mayakoba properties), such as tennis, taking a beautiful bike ride or run on their nature paths, golf, and even archery. So, should you need a break from the beach, Mayakoba has many options for you. I highly recommend the eco cruise through the lagoons and mangroves. You may even see a few crocodiles (Yikes! But awesome!). Don’t worry, the ones we saw were baby crocs.

Andaz has a very special setup with their pool. It is well designed and allows everyone fairly private (not visually but some space away from others) lounge chairs. Also, the pool area is right next to the beach but raised up about 8 feet so it allows those enjoying the pool area to still have a nice view of the Gulf and the beach. This went very well with the Andaz staff being ready whenever you wanted a drink or a snack. The staff really went above and beyond. Genuinely nice people.

Our room definitely had a Mexican vibe with a modern touch. Very clean and colorful. Most of the rooms face either the lagoons or the beach.  You can’t go wrong with any room. There are four different restaurants, each specializing in a specific cuisine. We tried each one and were very impressed with them all. For a newly opened hotel, they are already clicking on all cylinders. I could not have been more pleased with how perfect this hotel already is.

We also made a day trip to Tulum, which is a must! Tulum is the boho chic city of Mexico. The beaches are mostly white sand beaches. You could say the Brooklyn of Mexico. Cheap eats and drinks and lots of fun, interesting people!

Oh, and we were really concerned about the dreaded Zika virus but did not experience too many mosquitos and we made sure to put bug spray on as much as possible. In the end, we were really happy that we went and can’t wait to go back soon.

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