New York International Auto Show 2017

Thanks to, I was invited to Girls night out for an early preview of New York City's Annual International Auto Show at the Javit's Center. The night featured Toyota, Mazda, and the new luxury brand Genesis. Toyota had a few really cool new cars including a futuristic looking concept motorcycle. Mazda showed off their zoom, zoom, zoom with some cute convertibles. By the end of the night, Genesis stole the show.

The G90 Luxury Sedan was full on luxury at a sub-luxury price tag. While $68-70k is certainly not a cheap car, for what the G90 offers it is a substantial bargain compared to its main competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW 7-Series, and the Lexus LS.

The Genesis G90 felt very luxurious inside. The control panels in the driver seat would surely make driving a lot of fun. And the G90 didn’t forget about its passengers. Even the back seats have their own high-end control panel. Oh, every seat in the car has its own mirror!! Say what!? Perfect for “girls night out,” right!?

To read more about the Genesis G90, be sure to check out their website at If you are in NYC, please make sure to attend the New York international auto show and visit the Genesis booth. Trust me you will love this luxury car! Also, during the show April 14- April 23rd you can enter to win a designer handbag. To participate click on this link:

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