Full Travel Itinerary for Savannah, GA


My husband and I have been wanting to visit Savannah for quite some time. We are big fans of Charleston, SC so we were curious if we would like Savannah anywhere near as much. When the Andaz Savannah agreed to collaborate with us, we decided to leave the Big Apple for the Hostess City of the South, Savannah, GA. We fell in love with Savannah! In the end, we decided that we like it as much, if not more than Charleston, SC (and that is saying a lot!).

Where to stay in Savannah, GA

Andaz Savannah:

While we cannot speak for the other hotels in Savannah, the Andaz was just amazing. Andaz is one of my favorite hotel brands and the Andaz Savannah did not disappoint. The staff was always super nice and accommodating. The room was very comfortable and they had some of the softest sheets that I have had in a hotel. The towels were soft and fluffy as well. Of course, one of my favorite things in a hotel is when they have a separate bathtub. So, for this stay I was one happy girl! I also really enjoyed having breakfast in bed. This is always a must for me when I stay in a nice hotel. If you want to get two free nights at any Andaz Hotel, one option would be to sign up for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, which is currently offering 50,000 points as a sign up bonus. This is worth at least two free nights by transferring your points into a World of Hyatt loyalty account. To apply click here.

Where to eat in Savannah, GA

1. The Paris Market:

Such a cute French store called Paris Market. They have their own cafe where we had true Parisian croissants. Yummy! My husband had the cold brew coffee and he said it was amazing. Be sure to check out the downstairs and you will swear that you have been transported to Paris for some home furniture shopping.


2. Collins Quarter:

Ah-Mazzz-innnggg! Collins Quarter knocked our socks off! I had the Ahi Tacos and no lie, they were the best that I ever had! I didn't even share with my husband and I always share! He had the burger and he couldn't stop talking about it. He said it my have been the best that he had, but easily in the top 5 (he said it is too difficult to say which is the absolute best). He also had an amazing spiked late...hey, he was on vacation! What is wrong with two types of buzz with your coffee!? The atmosphere was really pretty as well. This is a must visit when in Savannah.

FullSizeRender (1) copy.jpg

3. Pie Society:

Adorable British Bakery. This is a perfect place to rest during the day for some high tea. I had the bread pudding. There is always room for bread pudding and tea!

4. The Wyld:

This place is still a local secret (as secret as it can be with the Internet and Social Media around). Even a lot of the locals in Savannah didn't know about it yet. This place is super cool. Located on the banks of Country Club Creek (think very large creek, very small river) but you feel like you are somewhere very remote. At night and on the weekends this where you want to be to unwind and have a great time. The seafood here was excellent and staff will make you feel like you are just hanging out with your best friends. I can't wait to go back!

5. Cotton & Rye:

We were amazed to find so much good food in Savannah. While Charleston, SC is known for its restaurant scene, we hadn't heard much about Savannah. But, once we experienced dinner at Cotton & Rye, we knew that Savannah is an upcoming food scene. The charcuterie and cheese plate was something to behold. They make all of their meats in house and they were very tasty. My husband said the cheese plate was his all-time favorite. We also had a monk fish that was paired with an amazing white wine from the Finger Lakes. As for drinks, we had the pleasure of having their award winning Manhattan (voted best in Savannah) that was called East Village. It was made with Caramelized Bananas...yes, please! Did I mention that almost everything that they serve is from the U.S. and many items are locally sourced (the exceptions are only staples like Grey Goose Vodka, that sort of thing). This is restaurant alone might be worth the trip to Savannah...


6. B. Matthew's:

Our final night out we had the pleasure of eating dinner at B. Matthew's. This restaurant really took us by surprise. Everything was spot on from the drinks to the appetizers to the entrees! I had a lovely raspberry mule and my husband had a bartender's recommended twist on an old fashioned that he seemed to really enjoy. We started with Fried Green Tomatoes (which you have to have when in the south). For our mains, I had the duck which was cooked perfectly and my husband had the shrimp and grits. He said thatthey were definitely the best shrimp and grits that he ever had! The restaurant is beautiful too, it is in a historic house. Make sure to check out the upstairs, you will love it! When you go, be sure to ask for the bartender, Jason. Super nice, chill guy that is very knowledgeable about the food and the drinks (of course!).

Must See places in Savannah, GA

1. Forsyth Park:

Stunning park located on the south end of the Historic District. We recommend walking here via Bull Street if you are coming from the North part of the Historic District. You will get to walk through Savannah's most charming parts and see the cute homes and stunning trees. The best are the SPANISH MOSS  and The LIVE OAK trees.

2. Historic District:

The Historic District is full of charm. You can just stroll around and enjoy the quietness of Savannah. The Historic District is comprised of many little town squares. Walk straight to go from one to another as they are all laid out symmetrically like a checkers board. You will be hard pressed not to fall in love with Savannah after experiencing the Historic District. If you like Southern Charm, this is it!

3. Bonaventure Cemetery :

While I am not a big fan of cemeteries, this one was very pretty and worth the drive out to. Of course, I would go during the day unless you like to walk with ghosts. Savannah is known as the most haunted city in the U.S.! Yikes! They have many ghost tours if you like to give yourself the creeps. I'll pass though. :)

4. Squares:

Here is one of the squares that I mentioned above. This is me under a Spanish Moss. It is so pretty, right? I believe that there are currently 22 squares, each has their own unique flavor so it is worth checking out a few.

5. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist:

Beautiful inside and out!

6. Wormsloe Historic site :

Enchanting Place! You have to visit here! Pictures really don't do it justice...

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