Sparkle with Chandon


On Thursday November 30th, I attended a beautiful and empowering event hosted by Chandon and Who What Wear. This event was all about bringing women together over a glass of Chandon (California made bubbly). and was held in Chelsea at the 24th Street Loft. The entire loft was filled with Chandon bottles, pretty peonies and inspiring ladies!


A little about ChandonUSA: Chandon is produced in Napa Valley California and is a sparkling Californian wine founded by Moet & Chandon in 1973. French wine making expertise and grapes grown in California make this wine a well balanced bubbly. Chandon believes in supporting talents and connecting people. #chandonsquad are a network of talented individuals who love some bubbly and share this collaborative approach to creation.


This Power hour with Rebecca Minkoff, Pauline Lhote and Andee Olson was super inspiring. Rachel Zeilic, Who What Wear's VP of talent hosted the event by asking these superwomen some great questions which really helped us know them better and learn about their success.


Rebecca Minkoff is a huge role model in the fashion industry for many of us. She designed the iconic morning after bag which made her career and now has her own apparel line. When asked "what would you tell your younger self?," she told us to fight for your dreams because you are the only one who can do it. I do believe in this as well. She truly inspired me with her humbling story and how she now has more than 85 women on her team! More power to her! Also, Chandon recruited her to join the #chandonsquad in 2016 and she designed a series of limited edition bottles for the holiday season.

Pauline Lhote is a wine maker and she knew she wanted to make Champagne from an early age. She studied winemaking in France and gained her experience from Moet and Chandon. She joined the Chandon team in California and eventually became their head winemaker. She was asked the same question on "what would you tell your younger self?" Her answer was so on point and motivating, “Focus on one thing and control your emotions.”  By focusing on a single project that you are doing (or started) and finishing it can lead to success instead of trying to do too many things and not being able to see them through. I so agree with her! I believe she inspired a lot of us in the room with her message.

Andee Olson from Bumble is the director of content strategy. Bumble is a dating app/friendship app for women to make the first move. This app itself is empowering for a lot of us and I personally think is a genius idea. She inspired us by telling her story on how she fought in her industry (engineering background) to stop stereotyping. She said that since she is a blonde, she had a hard time due to people putting her down. She stood up for herself and now she is working on one of the coolest apps! “Kindness can lead to a successful platform.” Thank you for saying this because I am so with you. 


After an inspirational conversation with powerful women I walked around and mingled with few more of my favorite/inspiring ladies. I definetly hung out in the bathroom where Chandon was stocked in every corner. I really wish I had a bathroom filled with some Chandon bubbly. Oh yeah, check out the tub! Tub goals for sure!


Hanging out with Left: Crystal from and further right Carolyn from


Some interesting conversation with this pretty lady, Carolyn from


I truly enjoyed this beautiful event with so many inspiring ladies. Thank you Chandon USA and Who What Wear for having me. Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers to the holidays! Leaving you with my favorite quote."When women support each other incredible things happen". xo

"This post is Sponsored by ChandonUSA #Chandonsquad" All opinions are mine.

Shop my look: PS: I am wearring a vintage Chloe dress but I have linked few of my holiday outfits here.