The Perfect Outfits To Getaway In. 

Traveling can be therapeutic for [pre]millennial women...A way to put a pause on the busy, stressful, competitive lives that we often pursue. A way to explore, meet new people, and make (instagram) beautiful memories. And when we do decide to wander, we want to do so in a cute pair of tan flats and a dress that tells everyone how effortless we are. We want to look like locals but show off our sense of adventure. We want stay cool for the summer, but bring the heat. I know this all too well, and so does Farfetch (with literally every unique thing you could want or need for a vacation). Inspired by the Farfetch Summer Content Pack, I've curated a packing list, for the easy-breezy-but-busy woman ready to put her head in the sand, or pick wildflowers, or one that needs inspiration to do so. 

Santorini, Greece

I love Santorini. The white-washed colors that make up this fairy-tale city contribute to how photogenic it is. Be inspired by this beautiful city and use the white-based palette to illuminate that fresh vacation glow you got going on. 

Hamptons, New York

It's in my backyard. So everyone I know might be there. Which means, there will be a lot of snapchatting... But I'm poised for a day on the beach just as much as I am for an evening on the town in true spirit of the Hamptons. These are your pieces.

Provence, France

A different kind of getaway, one that involves less sand and more lavender. This is where the more quirky yet cool and comfortable side of you shines- you're ready to sit pretty like a flower or follow where the wind takes you.