Embroidered boho top

I am sure that by now all of my readers know how obsessed I am with boho tops. This top has an Isabel Marant vibe to it. Honestly, when I received it I was very surprised to see the quality considering the price that I paid. It was under $40! The embroidery on it really makes this top stand out.

Since I am only 5 ft 2 inches tall, it is very difficult to find crop jeans that are the right length. But, these Top Shop petite jeans are the perfect crop jeans on me and I can't seem to stop wearing them. Also, if I tell you I paid $19 (on sale) for these Hermes looking sandals, you probably think I am lying. NOPE its absolutely true!!! Steal! My wallet purse is from my recent travel to Thailand. I have so many of these that I bought from Thailand. Absolutely lovely! Wanted to throw in some color with this outfit since it's Spring. Surprisingly it is available on Etsy. 

Go get these amazing deals, I have linked them on the bottom of the page. ENJOY! xo