All You Need Is Love

"Valentine's Day is coming up!" Or some variation of the reminder surrounded by hearts gleaming red has probably appeared on your screen at least once in the past few days. Some stores have even offered discounts on all things red, or pink or "date night dresses and lingerie". Basically, it's a great time to buy that red dress you've been wanting or stock up on sexy underwear, but buying something shouldn't be the most important part of the occasion because the theme of this day is love.

So challenge yourself to wear something unique this day; to acknowledge the fact that wearing a red dress that you bought for 50% off isn't nearly as important as loving how you feel and making those around you feel loved.
I'm planning to wear this vintage Chloe suit, because it makes me feel strong and is more practical than wearing a dress and freezing. I'm also planning to call my family and friends and to make my husband feel extra appreciated.

Some of our valentine's day pick. Shop links below.