St. Barth's (by night) 

My favorite meal on the island was at a steak joint Meat and Potatoes. The restaurant is located at one of the only unpicturesque spots on the island- right next to a salty pond- but you'll forget about that quickly when you try their food. Every main dish that we ordered was perfectly cooked and juicy, every single side was superb. My beef kebabs were juicy and flavorful, and pairing that with their house made hot sauce... makes my mouth water. The waitstaff was super helpful and helped us pair our mains and sides, and the prices were lower than many other places on the island. 

Another great and pricier dinner option is Maya's. A small and charming open air restaurant serving up great french-creole dishes with wonderful views of the ocean. Here location is important and it can get crowded, so make reservations. Also dinner is better than lunch if you can make it. 

St. Barth's does have some iconic places that give a lot of insight on its overall scene- even though its considered a part of the West Indies and the weather and radio stations comply with this fact. St. Barths is an overpriced Caribbean utopia. Accordingly, it has a seaside hotel built into a giant boulder. It's sick, and there is no way you'll miss it. If you do get the chance to go there for dinner or drinks (if not dinner, definitely go for drinks) you should try to catch the sunset. Dinner was artful at the Eden Rock- and of course it was because Jean George is the chef. Artful food comes at a price, so be ready for that, but the experience of being there and tasting Jean George's signatures and subtleties may be worth it if you're a foodie or like to treat yourself. 

After going to Eden Rock, you're going to want to save some $$$- unless you're Leonardo DiCaprio or a Kardashian. In that sort of a situation head to Hideaway for a simple and inexpensive pizza and drink menu. 

There are several post-dinner options around the island. One we embarked on (and happened to live a block away from) was another St. Barth's stapler, Le Ti. Drinks and food are overpriced, but they're good and can hold you over for the crazy show and dancing on the tables that happens later at night. The energy at this place is great, the staff wants you to have fun, and everyone there is looking for a good time. You'll also notice several throwback pictures on the walls, and as you look closer realize that the bar has hosted several a-list celebrities. The thought of partying like Usher and Kate Moss adds to the experience. 

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