St. Barth's (during the day)



You're on an island in the Caribbean, so prepare to get your tan on with some of the best views and the bluest waters. St. Jean beach is beautiful and maybe one of the most photographed beaches- it's also where the airport is located so you can see the small planes landing and taking off up close. One of our favorite beaches is Saline, its more secluded but is breathtaking in its own way. You have many other just as amazing choices in Flamands, Gouvernor, Petit Cul de Sac, Marigot, and Tiony (for all the surfers). 

One of the highlights of the trip was hiking through the Grand and Petit Fond and swimming in the natural pools. If you're up for a 20 minute hike, the opportunity to experience the bi-polarity of the rugged and harsh ocean that create the calm pools and the epic-ness of nature presents itself there. Do it! There's room for more adventure- you can go kite surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling and sailing if you want to do more than just sit on the beach.  

Tube cover up from Zara

Quick roundup of food:

Niki Beach (sushi and salads are great)

Grain De Sel (Local and fantastic lunch)

Do Brazil (awesome vibe, great food and drinks)

JOJO burger (cute shack, Caribbean and surfer feeling, great burgers)

Le petite Bolanger (cheap and great breakfast option)

Dress by DVF