How To Make A Boho Look EVEN Cooler

The boho look is also known as the effortless, messy look- but I don't think boho has to be synonymous with messy. I hate messes but I love boho.  So for all those of you who don't go for the loose, printed, feminine, pixie-like outfits even though supremely comfortable silhouettes because they are afraid that you'll look like a trainwreck, here's a tip: ACCESSORIZE. Not just with any accessories, but with very modern and sleek items like these edgy mirrored sunglasses by Dior. All you need to do for this to work is make sure the outfit and the accessories tie together in some way- these sunglasses have a blue tint which matches the prints on this dress. SO MUCH YES. 

It's hot and you need boho in your life so give this a try and tag us on Instagram with your take on the look with @styledevotees and we'll comment on our favorite looks.