Wine & Dine in Napa

Summer in the NorCal isn't what you'd expect out of a real summer.. We get a lot of fog (very trendy fog if I may add, he has an Instagram account and his name is Karl). So driving for a little over two hours to spend a few days in Napa and Sonoma to soak up the sun wasn't such a bad idea. 

In fact, it's become a tradition to go up whenever my parents visit and then to go to Scribe, our favorite winery, to read and enjoy the breeze on the top of a hill. Unfortunately, though we tried to sneak in (see: photo 4) Scribe was booked the whole weekend. So we went to several other wineries, which were all great but weren't comparable to Scribe's outdoor, relaxed vibe and its fresh food offerings and most importantly the scenery.

Kenzo Estate changed that. The winery tucked on top of a hill, surrounded by a massive amount of land which belongs to the Japanese CAPCOM CEO, is a sanctuary of peace with intricate Japanese influences. It offers the charming view, the wine and the awe that we came back to look for in the wine county.