Using Your Hair As Your Main Accessory 

I dress casually for the most part because it fits my lifestyle as a student, this makes it hard to stay . Which is why I love changing up my hair to keep things interesting; its a simple trick that gives you the opportunity to change your look pretty drastically- especially with something like bangs. I know that a lot of people hate touching their hair because it can be a little daunting, one bad haircut from the past may have jaded you- but what you have to realize is that your hair will grow back and experimenting with it is fun for that reason! So go ahead and try out that hairstyle you saw in a magazine and absolutely loved, or the one that you've been waiting to get done but were too scared for the longest time. It's a small risk worth taking! 

Photo credit: Surya Chataut, you can check out more of his incredible work and contact him for bookings in the Bay Area on his website