YOLO! Yellow.

    Outfit Details  :  Sweater /  Pants  /  Shoes /  Rings  /  Sunglasses


Outfit Details : Sweater/ Pants / Shoes/ Rings / Sunglasses

Don't be afraid to wear Yellow!!! It not only brightens your day, but it brings joy and happiness to you. I know yellow can be a very difficult color and most people are scared to try it. The best thing is to try shades of different yellows and go for the shade which compliments you the best. For me, darker shades like mustard yellow look the best, therefore, here I have kept it monochromatic and used different textures of mustard. Wearing head-to-toe yellow might be a bold move for most people.  Therefore, I would suggest to try and go for simple ivory trousers with a yellow sweater/blouse or even an ivory silk shirt with yellow trousers. If you still don't want to wear yellow clothing, then just try simple yellow shoes.

YOLO! So go for some yellow! :). Have a great yellow week my fellow devotees!