Noon by Noor, NYFW at Lincoln Center.

I wanted to blog about what really goes on during Fashion week. It is not only about the runway, but also what goes on backstage. From hair, makeup, and nails to mood boards and then rehearsal 30 minutes before the actual show. Most people only get to see the end product when they are going down the catwalk. It is fascinating to see everything that goes into it.  A lot of hard work that makes the show appear glamorous. I got the opportunity to talk to the models, makeup artists and hair stylists for the Noon by Noor show. MAC PRO cosmetics did the make up,Nails by ZOYA and Cutler/Redkin did the hair and it was flawless. I really liked the simplicity of this designer's makeup, hair and their clothing line. I would call it modern and clean! I have uploaded some of my favorite pieces (absolutely loved the white cape gown) and also what I wore for this show. I am all bundled up. Trust me it was a cold FW here in NYC!

Skirt, Jacket, Boots, Sweater, Hat, Tights