Acting Like A (21st Century) Lady

We've all heard the phrase "act like a lady" before but the meaning of that phrase is often associated with things like crossing your legs or wearing a skirt or being properly confined to ladylike standards. We recognize this now and most of us look to defying these rules. Personally, the thing that bothers me about the phrase "act like a lady" is the restrictive connotation that we've made it up to be in our own discourses. Simply put, if I want to wear a dress, I will- if I don't I won't. I don't want to act like a lady based off of anyone else's preconceptions. The clothes I wear and the things I do are a result of my personal decisions and I will face their consequences on my own... So I don't need to act like a lady for anyone else. I need to be myself.

In my own case, I like being well put together. I also appreciate simplicity and am drawn to beige, deep reds, navy, white, black and grey. That's the color scheme you see here. The whole outfit is a combination of things that I've collected over the years- some are vintage finds and others aren't. If you like what I'm wearing, you can recreate this look with a combination of things I've attached below... Or go for a similar look but incorporate your favorite colors! Be you!

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