Gettin' Cozy

I don't know about you but I don't do that well with the cold... Come Fall, I just want to be bundled up in a blanket and drink hot cocoa. The problem though, is that I can't go out wearing a blanket (because it's impractical)... or sweatpants (because it's against my principles to wear them outside of the house)... or fleece (sure I'm a mom, but I'm also a fashion girl). The clothing I look for can't be any of those things- and I know it seems like I'm being nit-picky; but it's doable. 

Knitted coords are a stylish way to wear a blanket out- making them the dream outfit for a chilly Fall day. I paired them with these boots, but you can also pair them with a warmer pair of sleek boots to add a polished touch to the baggy and super comfortable outfit. In fact, I would suggest that you really play with accessories because there's a lot of room for that. Happy snuggling!