How To Dress Like A BAMF

(A step-by-step guide to working the RBF*)

Step 1: Wear camo pants. 

Fortunately- green is the color of the season which means you can rock these babies all the time. Besides, nothing says BAMF like camo pants. Rock 'em with a solid colored top keep the look effortless. 

Step 2: Something grey. 

It's a combination of black AND white- plus it adds an air of mystery to your outfit (both literally and metaphorically).  Try a cropped pullover, like the one I'm wearing from American Apparel, because they go with everything and they can be used all the way into winter for layering. 

Step 3: Accessorize.

You have five bad ass accessories to choose from: body chains, ear cuffs, stacked rings, odd shaped bracelets and metal chokers to really give yourself an edge. 

Step 4: The eyes.

Gotta work the smoky eye with bare lips. For a great fall look, try Night Walk from M.A.C.

Step 5- Maybe the most important step.

Refuse to go to areas that do not have neon signs because everything else is too basic for you and your boots

*All these bad ass images were taken by Steven Elleman.*