Mother Daughter Days

Note: this was published a couple days after it was written, and we're currently in Europe. 

It's official, we're going to Paris tomorrow, which means that I won't be back in New York for a while and to commemorate this event my mom and I went on one of our typical mother-daughter days. 

Three things that happen on these dates:

1) There are no set plans.

We dress casually enough to pop into a vintage market but are also prepared in case of a rooftop fiesta (see: my skirt) or at the least a casual but chic photobomb moment. 

2) There is always food...

...and conversation about working out while eating it. On this occasion, we popped over to Rana near Chelsea Market for some scrumptious homemade ravioli and discussed the regret of not doing a couple sessions of hot yoga before flying to Europe. 

3) We wear each others clothing.

I got to raid my mom's closet in the morning with the excuse "I have nothing to wear with my (fiesta) skirt". As a result, I my whole outfit (except my bag) was in my mom's closet, either recently or in the past. In exchange my mom borrowed the pleated skirt from me- she doesn't realize that I had swiped the skirt from her a few weeks ago- and I gracefully let her have it. 

Fine. I admit it. I'll miss New York a bit, but I think I'll miss having access to my mom's closet even more. 

Sha's outfit:

Spri's outfit: