Part Two: Monaco

The key to pulling off an outfit that stands out is to work around its most prominent components. Wearing a muted color will give you the freedom to accessorize your outfit to play it up (like Sha did with cool cat-eye sunnies and bright shoes that really pop and add character to an otherwise plain, pastel look).  

On the other hand, wearing a bright colored dress really limits your accessorizing options. My cape dress stands out so much that wearing anything that tries to compete would be an eyesore. However, looking back at this particular ensemble, I've realized that I was overwhelmed by the color and the overall boldness of the dress which is why I'm going to try and revisit this look sometime soon.

Sha's outfit:



Spri's outfit



Part One: Cannes

Spri's outfit 

Sha's outfit

Nice things:

  1. Colorful shuttered windows
  2. I got this top on sale at Nastygal, and if you've been wanting to wear a bright summer color before the summer ends you should own one. It fits like a glove and flatters girls like me who don't have the much boobage.
  3. Midi skirts with buttons- allowing us to shave less leg once in a while. 
  4. The abundance of beaches in the south of France, the one pictured is in Cannes. 
  5. Birkenstocks being comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Not-so-nice things:

  1. A two hour long bus ride, that's actually five hours long. 
  2. I didn't realize I was carrying a banana in most of these pictures.