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St.Remy / Uzes


After spending a couple wonderful days in Marseille and Aix, we drove to an enchanting château in the village of St. Rémy de Provence.

The reason we picked Château De Roussain, besides the great reviews it has, was that it was originally built by the famous French apothecary Nostradamus’ brother in the 17th century- and as soon as we entered the driveway of endless trees (which gave us the feeling that we were inside an impressionist painting), we knew it was going to be even more magical than we could've imagined.

The petite town of St. Rémy de Provence is not only a beautiful but underrated town in Provence (our favorite, no doubt), but it is also a peaceful place to stay away from the hustle-bustle of the surrounding areas while still being close enough for a quick day trip to experience them. We took advantage of this by making a trip to Uzès.

Uzès (village of Gard) is a adorable village with narrow cobblestone roads and little houses that are mostly white or light pastel hues with bright colored doors and windows. The town features local boutiques (where we tried on a million little hats) and many cute little eateries (our favorite one served us some fresh Morrocan mint tea and snacks). Oh and of course, on the drive back from Uzès we slipped into a couple wine vineyards where I picked up a few bottles of rosé to indulge in at our little château. 

As I write this and reminisce, the days we spent at St. Rémy de Provence were nothing less than a fairytale. 

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