Savvy Shoppers

Being a savvy shopper for most people is difficult, but trust me it is doable. You must  remember to buy something that you love, which suits you, and to make the most out of your money (this means do not  buy the same thing in multiple different colors and the same style).

Smart, savvy shoppers use the same garment for many different occasions, but will style it in different ways.  One main thing a savvy shopper does is mixing high and low price points. You can get an amazing dress or top for half the price you saw on the runway in Paris without compromising the quality. If the garment is a not a classic piece why put hundreds of dollars for it. Be smart and spend money on key investment pieces like a beautiful classic bag, clutch, cashmere coat, boots, pumps, etc. that can last forever and will be worn over and over.

Here, I found this amazing quality dress from old navy for less than $30 plus 30% off. I know I will make use of this dress a lot this summer and at the same time I won't feel bad if it doesn’t last for more than a summer because I got it for an insane deal. As for Spriha, she is wearing a lace peplum top from Zara, which was purchased last summer on sale for $29. This top is not a cheap quality crochet lace but in fact looks and feels expensive. It has been used numerous times and is still in perfect condition.

I hope this helps you shop savvy! To save some too, shop our deals below.

Sha's outfit:

Spri's outfit: