Very Vampy.

It's getting colder, Halloween's coming up, weird things are happening to the moon... October has been giving us some great excuses to get vampy. For this particular outfit I was inspired by Lorde, who is the queen of the all black ensemble complete with an almost-black lip. My lace and leather shift dress was a piece that I bought at Zara that isn't available anymore but you can find something similar in their new collection (minus the leather), or on etsy (minus the lace), or you can get almost the same dress here. All these elements make this LBD super sophisticated and different from any other LBD. Because the lace and leather combo are quite a lot on their own, this look went perfectly well with the rich, dark, burgundy lipstick that I've been really excited to try on... which, by the way, was the best six bucks I've spent in a while. I suggest you get yourself a stick of this stuff, it goes with any skin tone and is so close to a black lipstick that you look intimidating- in a sexy way - but far enough that you don't look goth... I mean, my really intense stare with underbite in the second picture would be socially unacceptable but because of this color I appear "vampy". 

The secrets out. This is for my girls with the RBF; don't thank me, thank Revlon.

Not mentioned: heels from Dailylook. Special thank you to my girls Chante and Vy for taking these pictures under less than ideal conditions.