How To Dress Up Your Hoodie

When Vetements collaborated with Champion in 2015 and released their hoodies, I was so thrilled because I grew up in the 90's wearing hoodies with sneakers and jeans and it made me reminisce about my teenage days...Yes, I am not that young!


I have been living in my sweat shirts this fall and I will continue wearing them in the Spring as well. Comfort is so key to me when dressing up but of course looking chic is a major factor too. I wanted to get a Vetements hoodie for myself but I couldn't bring myself to spend so much on a hoodie so I looked around and bought the original athletic Champion hoodie for less than $25. I paired the yellow Champion hoodie with a plaid coat which is also under $30 and wore it with a pair of Levis and my white kicks. I can pretty much wear this look anywhere, even to my office (I am my own boss so I do not have a dress code).

My second hoodie look.

This hoodie is not a Champion hoodie but it is also super affordable. I paired this hoodie with a lace skirt in order to give it more of a sophisticated look and voila, I can wear this to brunch or a casual dinner. Accessories are a key to any outfit, therefore I love throwing on a pair of funky socks which always gives any outfit a cool factor.

Even though I am a New Yorker I have started to embrace color these days instead of just sticking to minimal colors. To me wearing only black and white sounds boring... Been there, done that! :) Since Spring is just around the corner, hope you are ready to display your fun and colorful side!