Bermuda, a paradise which is only about two hours away from NYC. We decided to take a quick weekend trip and fell in love with this beautiful place. December is their off season, but I like visiting places during off seasons so I can avoid tourists and the crowds. Even though Bermuda has a subtropical climate, it was still beautiful and warm. The nights were a little cooler but I prefer that over hot, humid weather. I am a huge beach junkie, so I made it a point to visit the best beaches. I cannot even describe how clean and pristine these beaches were. The sand had a pinkish hue to it and the water was a beautiful aquamarine.  I highly recommend visiting Bermuda and you should have no excuse not to visit if you live on the east coast. 

My favorite beaches were 

1. Jobson's Cove (in between Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay)

2. Stonehole Bay (in between Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay)

3. Horseshoe Bay

4.. Tuckers point

5. Warwick Long Bay

6. Elbow Beach

This is Stonehole Bay. A small semi-private beach in between Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay. Was just perfect! Should be on every beach lovers must visit list!

I fell in love with the towns as well. Bermuda is a small island and is only 21 miles long. The eastern tip of Bermuda is St. George and it is the oldest town there. The town itself is very charming with colorful homes and the beautiful "Unfinished Church." Since it was closer to Christmas we went to a festival called Christmas Walkabout which had a lot of cute performances, carolers, and finished with an impressive fireworks display. We enjoyed a few cocktails on our trip. I would recommend trying the rum swizzle and the dark and stormy cocktails while in Bermuda. For a drink with a sunset, check out the Pickled Onion in Hamilton. Also, don't forget to check out the restaurant called Wahoo's for dinner, very tasty Rockfish there. More must visit restaurants include Village Pantry (amazing Cheesy Mac as they called it), La Trattoria for pasta, and Cafe Ole for an amazing Fish Sandwich (be sure to have with the Raison Breach, Coleslaw, and Cheese).
  Hamilton is a cute town with tons of shops and cafes. We stopped and walked around for for few hours on our way to the beaches. When there, you should check out The Devil's Isle Cafe for great coffee.

Below is a photo of one of two caves that we visited (the Fantasy Cave). I am so happy that we did see the caves because I have never seen a cave as beautiful as these. My favorite was the Crystal Cave. I could have stayed there for a while but our tour was only half an hour. If in Bermuda, set aside a few hours and go see them both. Truly a must see while there.

I wouldn't stay anywhere in Bermuda except The Rosewood Tucker's Point. Everything was spectacular! The rooms were very spacious, the hotel itself has a beautiful private beach (where the heart picture above was taken) and the property consists of only of 84 rooms. I believe that all of the rooms have balconies which is a nice way to wake up and enjoy your breakfast with a view.  I choose a hotel for their bathtubs and this one had the perfect tub. I was in bliss! The restaurants were great too, amazing service.

I would suggest to eat out as well and here are few of my recommendations (mentioned above but wanted to include the links here).

1. Village Pantry - Great new restaurant. Amazing Cheesy Mac (Mac N' Cheese)

2. Wahoo's must get the Rockfish, Bermudian chowder and peas and rice.

3.  La Trattoria for great Italian.

4. Cafe Ole for authentic Bermudian sandwich which comes in a raisin bread. Also, cod fish and potato patty for breakfast on a Sunday.

5. Tom Moore's Tavern is fine dining with great food.

6. Bailey's homemade Ice Cream. The pistachio and rum swizzle were the best flavors.

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