Coat Weather

Since it's winter here in NYC, the frigid weather has gotten to us. It is hard to look good when you have to bundle up in layers. Luckily, there's a huge variety in the types of coats available in a spectrum of price ranges. Both the coats I've worn here are super affordable and I have linked them below. 

For my first look, I went for an eye-catching houndstooth patterned coat. The fur detail on this coat brings out an elegant aesthetic, it contrasts the pattern and gives the coat a more grounded and neutral addition to any outfit. This coat isn't very thick but when layered with chunky knits it's perfect for the weather. (coat link)

For my second look, I decided to go for a solid black coat with details that set it apart. Because the coat is double breasted and has puffed up sleeves, its heavier and more theatrical than the previous one. I used to be afraid to wear such a chunky silhouette as a petite woman but I've gotten inspired by many designers and celebrities to take more control of the shape-- in this case I belted the waist which gave me a little bit of an exaggerated and feminine hourglass. (coat link)

Don't be afraid to try different patterns and silhouette with your coats this winter. Do your research and find cool coats that can change up all your looks. Happy holidays! xx

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